QOTD 41: Pink Hats

Lets talk about Pink Hats, sorta. As someone who finally, and proudly, took off their Boston Red Sox Pink Hat in time for the post-season – having watched every episode of Ken Burn’s ‘Baseball’, and watched full games, and listened often to the “baseball reporters” show on my local radio station, I feel confident enough in my knowledge of the game where I’m comfortable saying I’m not a band-wagoner or a Pink Hat.

Can you point to a season, event, or moment where a game, sport, or activity ‘clicked’ and it became so much more than you once thought it was?

For me, Extreme Warfare Revenge brought me to wrestling in a way I never knew was possible. I had vague understandings of how wrestler’s ‘worked’ and what the ‘IWC’ was, but that freakin’ game essentially gave me a database of every single wrestler on the planet, accurate descriptions, a photo, and what kind of style they worked. It was nuts. Couple that with finding out people actually *reviewed* wrestling matches based on their artistic merits, and I was off to the proverbial races, stumbling across Scotsmantality, and then this here blog…I think within months of each other. The details are foggy.

Actually for most things I consider myself knowledgeable about, I’ve always learned through a video-game. I picked up the basics of football scheme, strategy, and timing from Madden, NBA 2K taught me all kinds of fundamentals, and Tiger Woods taught me I should never, ever, be a golfer.


Blog Otter Award: Jobber for thread jacking and going to the PPV yesterday. A short video of him is below.