Promo of the Day: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

This is Stone Cold Steve Austin on LiveWire right before Bret comes back to face him in the critically acclaimed Survivor Series 96 match. 

Can we get a 2013 Scott Sez? What happened to that gimmick? Did it go to the red-hot "Abeyance"?

Anyways, great live promo work from Steve as he is running the gamut. He is hard-selling Bret's return. He is making you laugh. He is making you want to see him get his ass kicked as well at the PPV. It just shows that, while not a "money promo", he is using his time on camera to the fullest of his ability.

Toad Pedophile and Sunny (looking great in the whore-red lipstick) are virtual non-factors as soon as Austin comes on set. 

As an aside, how awesome would you think Austin would have been with no neck injury? The knees would probably been shot to shit, but 2000 with Austin? Does HHH ascend and have the critically acclaimed year he has? Does Mick become 3 time champ? Does Rock host SNL and start the process to becoming a crossover star?

Your thoughts… as well as the rest of the midcarders and Obi-Wan Jabronis from the BoD.

Imagine Austin's resurgence in 2001 with Angle and multiply that over the years he was active, and that's how awesome he would have been if he didn't have the neck of a crippled 80 year old.  
And really, when DIDN'T Sunny look great in 1996?