QOTD 35: Ya know, for kids.

Not sure how many of you have seen the underrated classic “The Huddsucker Proxy” but boy is that movie a treat. The less you know about it, the better. Don’t watch a trailer, don’t read about it, just watch it.

A tagline from that movie is “Ya know, for Kids!” and it got me thinking about the stuff we watch that, as mostly well-adjusted adults, is probably a big below our age range.

What ‘kid’ shows do you enjoy, or think hold up to viewings as an adult?


The correct answer to this question is “The Animaniacs”. Simply classic stuff that’s even better the older you are. While I still think Chicken Boo is one of the dumbest thing in the history of dumb things, the rest of the show is great. The songs are catchy and the jokes are still funnier, and in fact funnier now that you can pick up on the number of subtle Hollywood references throughout the show’s run.

“Fairly Odd Parents” is a good one, and still something I’ll click on if it’s on and I’m trying to do something else. Similarly ribald and subversive, it’s a show that’s more ‘for all ages’ versus for only children.

“iCarly” ain’t half bad, either, kind of capturing a zany 50’s sitcom vibe. I had a sister from another mister who turned me on to the show, and while it’s not something I watch myself, I have benevolent feelings toward the show, and its executive producer Dan Schneider, who is one of the few TV producers who can make entertainment that is both family friendly and doesn’t condescend to its audience. 

“The Muppets” are probably my favorite though, with the last movie being eight different kinds of funny, over-the-top, silly, self-referential, and similarly capable of entertaining adults and children alike. Also Chris Cooper raps. You can’t go wrong. give “Man or Muppet” a google and get ready to laugh a bit, first because it’s a silly song, and second because it’s actually pretty relate-able.


Blog Otter Award: Everyone who mentioned Kurt Vonnegut, because I didn’t. I think for a lot of people he’s sort of the gateway to thinking beyond what we see, if that makes sense, and if you caught onto him at a certain time, namely in highschool or junior high, you were probably a better, and more critically thinking, person for it.

1. I tried out this “Slice The Pie” thing yesterday and it gives you a few pennies for reviewing songs. It’s not a lot or even a little bit of money, but if you’re bored at work a lot or have a ton of down-time, it can be a cool little writing exercise and it’ll earn you a couple of bucks in the process.