Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series

Sup Bayless, it’s BoD #1 draw and fellow FFLoD member The Fuj.

I was watching Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline series the other day and thought you and I both have a love for shoot interviews. I am more of a fan of shoots than the in-ring product by this point and I love how the shoot interview has transformed from just trashing peers to a career retrospective of people not currently in the WWE fold. I am a big fan of you reviewing shoots/timelines by the way. Most of them, I have already seen but

I have a series of questions for you.

1. Do you think eventually KFC will/would do Timelines for the following? WCCW, TNA, AWA, SMW, (insert any former big name promotion if the demand was high enough)

2. If you were in charge of the timelines and had the choice of anyone to conduct them with, who would you pick for the following years/ promotions. (I’m not going to throw out a multitude of years. Just the promotions and you gimme a few years with who you would like to see participate. BoD, I would lov to see your answers as well.)

Thanks for the compliments.
1. I think KC would consider TNA year-by-year, as it happened more recently than the other promotions. As far as the others, with KC releasing an entire timeline of the 1960’s WWF from Bruno Sammartino, I think they could do that with SMW,since it didn’t last very long. Cornette could do that. They could also do the AWA by decade. WCCW would be a good choice to do by decade as well but there are not that many stars from the promotions who are still alive to choose from. They could do other territories by decade too, like Memphis, Calgary, Florida, Georgia, California, Mid-Atlantic, and Oregon too if they wanted.
2. First here are the rumored upcoming timeline releases:
2000 ECW by Justin Credible
1984 WWF by Roddy Piper
A WCW timeline by Vader.
To finish the WWF/WWE, here is what I would do. I would not select anyone under a WWE contract to participate as it would be highly unlikely that would happen.
1984: Tito Santana (If not Piper)
1990: Jake Roberts
1991: Sgt. Slaughter
1992: Ted Dibiase
1996: Bret Hart
1998: Steve Austin
1989: Ricky Steamboat
1990: Ric Flair
1992: Sting
1993: Mick Foley
1994: Vader
1995: Bischoff
1997: Scott Hall
1998: DDP
1999: Goldberg
2002: Jerry Jarrett
2003: Raven
2004: Jeff Jarrett
2005: AJ Styles
2006: James Storm or Chris Harris
1996: Raven
1998: Tommy Dreamer
1999: Lance Storm
What do you guys think?