Wrestlemania 30 scenarios

Hey Scott, here are some potential scenarios for Wrestlemania 30. Could you tell me what you think the likelihood of each one is and how you think each would play out if they were to take place? Thanks. 1.) The Ultimate Warrior is inducted into the hall of fame. 2.) Hulk Hogan is involved in person somehow. 3.) Shawn Michaels comes out of retirement to take on Daniel Bryan. 4.) Cena takes on the Undertaker. 5.) The Rock takes on Brock Lesnar. 5.) Sting is inducted into the hall of fame.
1)  I do not believe this particular development would be very likely.
2)  Hulk Hogan returning for one last "one last" run is always on the books.
3)  Shawn really, really doesn't want to come out retirement.  But screwing him over at HIAC and then putting him over eventually at Wrestlemania would be a hell of a rub.
4)  I can't imagine any scenario where it doesn't happen.  They would be throwing away money.
5)  If he doesn't re-sign with TNA, it's 1000% likely.