Unnecessarily Dangerous Moves

What do you think of Daniel Bryan’s dive through the middle rope to the outside?  Seems like this is a high risk/low reward move to be doing on a regular basis.  Every time he does it he runs the risk of a lot going wrong – his foot could get caught on the rope, he can easily injure a knee/head/shoulder on the landing, the opponent could easily get hurt.  The visual impact of the move is okay, but seems like this should save for big matches.  Sort of reminds me of a less suicidal “Nestea plunge” that Foley used to do regularly.  Sure it gets a pop but is it worth the downside risk? 

I dunno.  Benoit used to do the same kind of stuff, although he did it with way more impact and much less concern for his neck than Bryan does.  Benoit used to hurl himself out of the ring and go head first into the railing on a regular basis and it was getting pretty scary near the end.  At least Bryan has been healthy so far and not off having his neck fused or whatever.