QOTD 30: It was a setup!

Conspiracy theories are fun. They let you make sense out of things that otherwise make little, or give reason to otherwise unreasonable actions, and are fun to think about, but I worry when people 100 percent subscribe to a given theory, despite tons of evidence to the contrary.

What are your favorite Conspiracy Theories, which do you tend to believe, and which do you really hate with all your passion?

I have a thing with 9/11 ones. I don’t think it was an inside job – at all, but I do think there are probably about fifty million things we *don’t* know about that day that I’m pretty happy not knowing. Maybe I trust too much in my government, or don’t trust my fellow Americans enough, but sometimes ignorance is bliss. 

I LOVE pro-wrestling conspiracy theories, because those could actually be true sometimes. Was the Screwjob for real or not? Who knows, and it’s been played out and twisted and talked about so many times that whatever the truth WAS, probably no one remembers. Remember that Ladder match between Vince, Shane, and Austin? Who lifted the brief case? Who was it SUPPOSED to be?

I also love me some movie conspiracy theories, which if you’ll afford me the ability to rip off a Cracked article, I’ll highlight a few of my favorite:

1. James Bond is a code name, not a person – The 007 isn’t one person, but rather a series of code-names, allowing the series to explain the fact Bond would be like 600 years old by now. However, the kind of ‘meh’ (if you ask me) Skyfall, made a point to debunk this one.

2. Radio Flyer’s little brother dies – I HATED this movie, as it attempted to at once tackle child abuse, and give a happy, fanciful ending to a situation that likely wouldn’t have got one.

3. This is my own, but I think “The Power Rangers Movie” is actually about…Power Rangers Fandom. Think: A plastic man drives a bunch of parents insane via plastic things the parents don’t understand, but go insane over, and the only way to STOP the fandom, is to introduce newer, different, plastic things to fight them.

This is a good little article, too.

Beyond that I consider myself a pretty opened minded guy and am always happy to delve into the depths of bizarre things people know and then hide from us. 
So what say you, Otters?
Blog Otter Award: Your Favorite Loser is my favorite winner, making a quality “He Hate Me reference” 
1. If you go to Rockstar Social Club and give “Meekin’s Mobsters” a search, you’ll find the official Blog Otter crew. 
2. Great discussion on people hating other people yesterday, and I think my favorite part of this blog is we have legitimate heat with folks. Maybe we need to have a NPP v. BOD contest for charity.