Bryan title reign


As the Corporation angle fizzles before our eyes, I have to ask: would Cena's passing the torch to Bryan have been better spent without the instant cash-in by Orton?  I think the idea was good in principle, but given the underwhelming execution of the HHH/Orton/Corporate angle that followed, maybe the Orton cash-in could have been delayed (to similar effect?).  Bryan's win over Cena was a big moment and kicked off Bryan's legitimacy as a true main eventer.  I almost think they should have just run him through some challengers (Mark Henry?  Ryback?  A heel Kane?  Even Lesnar?) after his title win just to see if he could draw in the aftermath of Cena's injury.  At some point along the way, Orton can cash in on Bryan after a hard-fought victory.  The justification can be the same (HHH got tired of Bryan as champ and thinks he doesn't belong on top, he endorses Orton as the new face of WWE, etc.) and the rest of the arc can play out too.

At the time, the SummerSlam cash-in had impact because it was raining on Bryan's party and denying the fans their celebration, but in retrospect, should they have just run with a Bryan title reign for a while?  

I would have been fine with a solid run for Bryan, or fine with Orton getting the belt and then holding it until HIAC, but the "fool me once shame on you" booking with Bryan and the ABEYANCE OF DOOM is just killing it for me.  It's not like he's getting buried or anything, but the past three months have just been SUCH a waste of time for everyone involved when they could have gotten to where they wanted to go and been done with it.