Cena Too Soon?

Hey Scott;
How about a trip down hypothetical lane?
Is it possible they bring Cena back, just to get him on TV and maybe help bump a PPV buyrate and work a very safe and protective match for him? He can beat Del Rio for title, only to have ADR snap and bust his arm back up with his finisher sending Cena back to the sidelines to finish recovering? You can vacate the title or maybe have Sandow cash in on him after the ADR beat down.

Just a thought.

Wait, you want ANOTHER title held in abeyance?  It's gonna break Punk's longevity record at this rate.  
Pretty sure Cena wins the title and they go the Sandow route, although rather than putting any heat on Sandow (BWAAHAHAHAHAHAH!) they'll put Cena with whatever jerk laid him out to cost him the precious title he cares so little about. 
Or Sandow could just cash in and lose to Cena because SUPERCENA.  Either way.