SK Commentary

Hey Scott, big fan of your reviews and the blog blahblahkissyourassblahblahillsuckyourdickblahblahblah. Anyway, a while back you talked about recording commentary for different shows, PPV's and such that we could download and listen to while watching the show ourselves. Kinda like what Rifftrax does. Just wondering why you dropped the idea. And if there's enough interest from The Blog Otters (you're welcome Paul) would you consider doing it and maybe charging a little per show commentary ($5 or whatever wacky Monopoly Canadian money). I think this would be fun especially for a real bad show. Thanks.


P.S: I don't know if you finished the show yet but any chance for a rant on the Buffy seasons?

We kind of stalled out halfway through the fourth season with Willow getting into the dark arts and Buffy's commando boyfriend.   Demon-slaying Spike is pretty hilarious, though.  We tried starting Angel at the same time but haven't really got past the fourth episode or so.  Someday I'll finish powering through it, though.  
As for the commentary thing, doing rants where I can pause the show and take care of my other stuff is one thing, but trying to run through a 3 hour PPV while doing live commentary is another thing entirely.  Plus I feel like I'm much funnier when I have a chance to stop and edit in jokes later rather than trying to come up with witty stuff off the cuff.  It would be disappointing for everyone, trust me.  I had previously told Ryan Murphy and Caliber that if they wanted to do a podcast deal where I only had to come in via Skype and not have to do any of the technical end, I'd be willing to give it a shot, but nothing ever came of it.   Maybe the Place to Be guys want to try something like the Rifftrax deal with me, I dunno?