QOTD 26: And a double dumb ass on you.

Holy shit is it fun to swear. I left my keys in my car today as I headed into work, and let out a “Fuckin’ A!” about a minute ago, then remembered with fondness that I learned that phrase from the Stephen King book “The Body” which went on to become “Stand By Me”.

Then I started thinking of other naughty words I learned, and where I picked them up. I learned what a ‘cunt’ was from the late Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six in…4th grade.


What are your favorite swear words, where did you learn them, and as a bonus, what’s your favorite scene in a TV show or movie featuring a healthy dose of quality profanity?

Actually my all time favorite use of a swear word probably comes from the Graphic Novel “Wanted” which everyone but me seems to hate, which is fine. It kind of does the Matrix / Fight Club thing of giving you a kind of sad sack fella stuck in a cubicle, and throughout the series he grows into a bastard with unbelievable power. I wanted to post the panel but I am absolutely not giving “This is me, fucking you in the ass” a google at work. Whenever I beat someone at a competition when they’ve either cheated or been a poor sport, I toss out the line and feel like a big man.

Close second goes to the infamous “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, I’m out” scene from “Half Baked”, which I *actually* think is a reference to something else, as all the other “job quitting” scenes in that movie are parodies, too – specifically Jim Brewer’s is a Jerry Maguire send up.

Star Trek IV gets points (and the thread title) for the hilarious nature of Spock trying to learn to swear.

More recently, I’ve been playing Lunar 2 (which is seriously wonderful), and one of the characters keeps calling everything ‘retarded’. This is funny for a few reasons 1) No game released today would do that shit, and 2) This is a game released in Japan that came to America 3) this character is a former priest. I’ll have more on this game later, but the swearing within it is pretty crazy. 


Blog Botter Award: Magooie for fighting a snake with concrete, and somehow losing.

1. So I’m thinking of placing my first professional NFL bet when the Jags take on Denver in a few weeks. Going Jags all the way. Who’s with me?!
2. For the nerds out there, it looks like Transportation Tycoon is on the app store now, and it’s an absolute classic if you dig kind of sim-city style stuff. There’s a quality knock-off available for fuckin’ free, too, called Transporation General, which is also a blast until you hit the pay-wall. Check it out! 
3. Shameless Pug: I reviewed Rayman Legends. Read it here!
“Audacious is a good word to describe the overall “Rayman Legends”
experience. Releasing a game like this, at a time like this, takes the
same kind of cojones that releasing the silent film “The Artist” did a
few years ago. Here’s a game that challenges, entertains, delights, and
delivers everything you could possibly want from a title, completely
confident in its 2D platforming nature, not worried for an instant
players won’t get it, or think it’s ‘for kids’.”