QOTD 25: The Blog Botter Pull List

Hola Blog Botters, after a brief hiatus I return with a question that allows you to embrace your inner geek.

Lets talk about pull lists. As a guy whose never been really ‘into’ comics enough to buy them regularly, I have always found the term ‘pull list’ sort of romantic, the idea that you pick up a series of titles every month because you care about them, and are willing to drop your cash until they piss you off to no end. So lets expand on that ‘pull list’ concept and extend it to all kinds of media.

What’s your current ‘media’ pull list across TV, Music, Movies, Comics, and internet related things?

I’ll break mine down into categories

Agents of Shield – The last episode was kind of hokey, but I’m going to keep watching until it gets cancelled or does something silly.

Modern Family – Consistently funny and heartwarming without being too saccharine, it’s got some of the best writing and acting on TV. The key to comedy is making sure that none of the characters know they’re in a comedy, and Modern Family nails it.

Shark Tank – This is my new “Pawn Stars” great stuff, my whole family likes to watch it, and if I had the chance I’d plow through this show in a weekend if were available on demand.

The Newsroom – While not a great show, it’s certainly decent, and as a TV person I enjoy the little details and nuances of seeing super human versions of people I know doing TV-related things.

Bowling For Soup – Anything they put out, I pick up. Just nabbed their “Lunch. Drunk. Love.” album and it’s exactly what you’d expect from them.

Eminem – He fell off my pull list around the time I heard “FACK” for the first time, but got put back on after Recovery.

Barenaked Ladies – While a lot of their magic has kind of kaputted they still show flashes of brilliance, so I always check out anything they put out.

Graphic Novels

Ultimate Spider-man – I bought the SUPER BIG trade paperback that collected I think the first…24 issues of the series, and kept buying them until they didn’t exist, and that’s really the only way I can make Graphic novels work within my budget. But this series is a riot. Brian Michael Bendis seems to know his shit when he gets to take a character and work it within his own world and context, but I guess he has a habit for dropping the ball when taking over for other people?

Anything Jeph Loeb  – His Superman and Batman work are some of my favorite comic books of all time, especially his Long Halloween stuff. Hush was cool, too.

Internet related

The Blog of Doom – Barring excursions I probably spend more time checking out this blog than I’d care to admit, lets just not tell any pretty girls, kay?

Grantland – Anything Masked Writer / Bill Simmons I absolutely check out. The video game content is a little hit and miss, opting to focus on history instead of feel and what games communicate to a player, but no one’s perfect.

Total Biscuit / Jesse Cox / Alzorath – Just general gaming channels I can stand on the internet.  TB and Cox have a fucking wondering series where they play Terraria and annoy each other to no end, and Cox in particular is one of these guys you can’t help but feel happy for, as he seems like a genuinely happy guy who is pretty amazed that he gets to play games for a living. Alzorath is more a personal choice because he’s the only person on the internet who plays Shadow Era and casts it, so I check that out too.

Zero Punctuation  – Probably one of the first ‘web shows’ I ever watched regularly, and boy is his stuff good, though he can occasionally miss the point of a given game in his quest to be hyper critical, which I do appreciate.


Blog Botter Award: Scott Keith (you may heard of him) for suggesting Doom Bots as the new title for the guys who frequent the blog. I took his advice, sorta, and we are all now Blog Botters. His award can be found below:

Yes, that’s a robot throwing a concrete block.

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