Its a freaking work…

Scott, second email from me in a week!  Lucky you.  I SWEAR im not reaching Baker stalker status, but have taken a week off from ER so have been spending WAY to much time on the BoD and watching wrestling in general.
The CM Punk pipebomb sucked me back into wwe after not really watching for 2 years.  Yea, I realize it was 100% work, but wasnt subscribed to Meltzer or keeping tabs online so have a few quickies, predominantly on the timeline of the whole situation. .. – did anyone report when he actually signed his new contract?  He said on Bill Simmons podcast that it was literally the night if MITB.  I find this VERY hard to believe. – its assumed by most that he wasnt under any type obligation to resign with WWE, even under a handshake agreement, at the time of the pipebomb.  Why would Vince even put Punk in a top headlining feud if he was unsure of his future status? Hes buried better for less.  – has anyone said what the planned MITB finish would have been if Punk never agreed to a deal? – I respect the fuck outta Punk for having the guts to walk out on wwe if thats what he thought was best, but the dude was a mult time world champ, and in him high profile feuds…wa


his biggest gripe at the time the "glass ceiling", money, etc.

He signed the physical contract at the MITB PPV, but he had a verbal agreement with Vince long before that.  But indeed the actual contract wasn't signed until he was ready to go to the ring.  
As for why he pushed Punk, I think he saw the money in the angle and saw that it was the right guy in the right place type of deal.  It was just one of those magic zeitgeist things that we'll likely never see again.