QOTD 19: It pulled down my head pants and blew my mind

Hola Otters, after a rousing discussion of the most disappointing series finales, it’s now time to talk about those shows that ended in such deliciously satisfying ways they had weight watchers points.

What are your favorite Series Finales? What Satisfied you most, and why? Are there finales other people hate, but you really like? 

For me:

Scrubs is probably my favorite – just the right amount of fan service, conflict, resolution, sappiness, and the way JD finally gets his hug from Dr. Cox is the best thing in the history of TV, ever. Well, not ever, but it was really freaking good.

The Wire – While the last season’s whole serial killer thing was a little weird, I liked how it essentially showed that despite following these characters for 5 Seasons, life goes on with or without them, hustlers hustle, Police Police, drug addicts take drugs, and no matter who you are, you’re human.

The Shield – Really the penultimate episode is my favorite, where we get a list of every single possible sin Vic committed over the previous seasons, and it is brutal, because it kind of makes us realize just how big of a bastard this guy we’ve been rooting for, is. The finale was pretty good, too, giving us some satisfaction in the Dutch / Claudia department, and a variety of other details that made the whole thing feel satisfying.

The Sopranos: This is a subject worthy of it’s own post. Stand by.

Star Trek TNG: I loved the optimism of the episode, how that sometimes humanity can approach planes of thought that transcend our corporeal existence – but at the same time the episode makes sure to point out that we must cherish that existence.

King of The Hill – Bobby and Hank finally find something they can truly bond over, forever. “I think it’s the last one,” says Bobby, as an in joke to the fact King of The Hill was seemingly always cancelled, then came back.


Blog Otter Award: CultStatus for a burn so harsh we all traveled back to 1955.