nxt entertainment factor

hey scott, since you also seem to appreciate current NXT, what do you think is the biggest factor that the hour seems to fly by, compared to RAW (or SD for that matter)?

1hr means a faster-paced, more action-filled show, compared to the draaaaagging  3hr RAW and RAW-recap city SD?
fresher, more diverse, more exotic characters? (Breeze, Enzo, Emma, Bayley…)
a way more entertaining women's division? and ppl CARE about them?
most wrestlers being over?
Regal on commentary plus Renee conducting most interviews?
returning homegrown guys getting treated like stars that "made it"? (Shield, Big E)
super babyface Sami Zayn?
super douche heel Bo Dallas?
super-hot Tyler Breeze?
super-melodic Aiden English?
you decide!


eah, the show is simply booked, with a new and fresh cast of characters who rotate out and don't get stale all the time.  It reminds me a LOT of classic World Championship Wrestling that way.