Monday Nitro – May 4, 1998

Nitro #135
May 4, 1998
Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana
Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Heenan, Mike Tenay
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
another two hour show this week instead of the usual three hours due
to the NBA Playoffs. My response: God bless the NBA. We’re closing
in on Slamboree and the main story is the NWO civil war. Nash,
Savage and Konnan have officially formed the Wolfpack who will have
their own everything very soon. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Konnan joining Nash and Savage.
announcers talk about the NWO’s troubles. Brian Adams has officially
sided with Hogan.
for a change of pace, we get a recap of the Wolfpack forming and Nash
wanting a piece of Hart. We also see Konnan joining the team for the
second time in less than six minutes.
are Eddie and Chavo for a match. Before the match, Eddie says he’s
going to be a good example for Chavo. The announcers go nuts on
Eddie as he calls out Scott Norton.
Guerrero vs. Scott Norton
enough, Eddie doesn’t send Chavo in instead immediately. He actually
waits about thirty seconds before “hurting his knee” and sending
Chavo in to face Norton. Norton slugs away on Chavo in the corner
and press slams him down before going after Eddie. Chavo uses the
opening to dropkick Scott’s knee a few times. Norton comes right
back with a powerslam and the shoulder breaker for the pin. Squash.
Dragon comes in to check on Chavo but Eddie tells him to get away.
Putski vs. Kidman
talks about how Putski’s dad, Ivan, was more of a power guy. Larry:
“Let me put it another way. Ivan was stupid.” Putski slams
Kidman down and drops an elbow for two but Kidman hits a running
bulldog out of the corner to take over. Scott comes back with a
sitout spinebuster as the Wolfpack comes through the crowd, complete
with the red and black NWO logo shirts. They storm the ring to take
out Putski for the fast DQ.
says this is how things are going to be from now on. The Wolfpack is
very hungry, so they’re going to pick Sting and Giant’s bones at
Slamboree. Nash refers to the team as the red and black attack and
says it’s about to be a war between them and Hogan’s crew. Savage
says that Hogan’s new friend Bret Hart won’t get screwed unless
that’s something he wants.
brings out the newest member of the Wolfpack: Curt Hennig. Bryan
Adams comes out to ask Hennig what he’s doing but Curt blows him off.
Hennig takes off the black and white to reveal the Wolfpack colors.
Konnan challenges Adams for later and Nash wants a piece of Sting, so
why not have Nash vs. Luger to show Sting what he’s in for.
on Raven, talking about being alone. He wasn’t allowed to play ball
with the other kids but they wouldn’t have let him play anyway.
Jericho with the picture of Malenko again. We also get a video
featuring Malenko talking about his dad passing away. Jericho says
Dean’s dad Boris must be rolling in his grave over how much of a
failure Dean is. Jericho dedicates his career to someone who is much
better than Dean and knows far more holds: Bore-Us Malenko.
Jericho vs. Bore-Us Malenko
is a tiny guy in Dean’s gear and this is about what you would expect.
Jericho pulls Bore-Us on top of him for two before making a comeback
and taming the Bore-Us lion for the win.
Nitro Girls with Alex Wright interrupting them again.
get Hogan’s comments from last week which didn’t really say anything.
Morrus/Barbarian vs. Public Enemy
is a street fight which is probably the best idea all around. Grunge
whips Morrus with a big rope as Rocco blasts Barbarian in the head
with a trashcan. Morrus comes back with a trashcan lid to Johnny’s
head as Barbarian crotches Rocco on the top rope. It’s amazing how
often one guy on a team making a comeback triggers the same comeback
from his partner. Everyone gets inside for the first time, including
Jimmy Hart to get in some stomps of his own. Barbarian misses a dive
through a table but Morrus slams Rocco through one to make up for it.
Hart hits Morrus by mistake and gets splashed by Grunge for the pin.
Ok then.
Adams suggests that everyone here have a glass of shut up. Are you
telling me that Rock was ripping off BRYAN FREAKING ADAMS??? After
my mind is blown by that line, Adams tells us all that Hulk Hogan
made wrestling and is the reason we’re here tonight. He’ll fight
Konnan tonight too.
on Chris Benoit vs. Booker T, making it look like a big time rivalry.
Benoit swears he made Booker tap out but Booker says he was reaching
for the rope. The video isn’t conclusive enough to tell either way.
Another match is set for Slamboree.
joins commentary.
look at the end of last Tuesday’s show with Hart not explaining his
#2 begins.
vs. Hammer
says this is a loser leaves the Flock match. Hammer sends Saturn
into the steps to take over and gets two off something like an
airplane spin. Saturn comes back with a superkick and some chops in
the corner followed by a Cactus Clothesline to take both guys to the
outside. We look at Raven’s dressing room to see the Flock watching
the match. Saturn dives into a powerslam for no cover and a delayed
superplex gets the same lack of cover.
goes for the legs but gets kicked into the ropes, setting up a top
rope legdrop from Saturn. Saturn brings in a chair which is legal
here it seems. A springboard dropkick using the chair knocks Hammer
into the corner but a second attempt hits the referee. Saturn hits
something like a Van Daminator and loads up the Death Valley Driver,
only to have Kanyon come in dressed as a beer vendor. One beer case
to the head is enough to knock Saturn out of the Flock.
D+. This was better than I
expected and it’s nice to see the Flock have a story outside of
whatever Raven is doing at the moment. Saturn leaving the Flock is
interesting, but he’s always been the rebel of the group. Nice match
here though and it should set the stage for more interesting stuff in
the future.
is mad and comes to the ring, only to have Page storm into the locker
room with a stop sign and a bullrope around his neck for no apparent
reason. Page drags Raven around the back and into the ring. Pyro
goes off as Page comes down the ramp and scares everyone to death.
The guys are tied by the neck but Raven comes back with a low blow to
drop Page. DDP counters the Even Flow and hangs Raven over the
ropes, drawing in security as we take a break.
Nitro Girls as Tony tells us there’s no Thunder again this week.
Well if he insists.
Boy vs. Juventud Guerrera
this Flock Night or something? Sick Boy jumps Juy in the corner to
start and stomps him down in the corner. An elevated Pedigree gets
two for Boy but Juvy comes back with a spinwheel kick for two. The
ring is soaked from Kanyon’s drinks so they keep slipping out there.
Juvy is sent to the apron for a springboard missile dropkick and
there’s the Juvy Driver. Horace breaks up the 450 and that’s a quick
gets out of the double team but the seven foot Reese is too much for
him. He isn’t however too much for Goldberg who makes the save and
Jackhammers Reese.
Rick Steiner for a chat with Gene. Rick wants his brother to come
out here right now and tell him whether the Steiner Brothers are
getting back together or if one of them will be left laying. If
Scott has any guts, he’ll be out here right now. Scott does come
out, but on crutches.
says he’s lost friends and their parents aren’t talking to him the
same. Sometimes bad things happen like what happened to Bagwell, but
Scott doesn’t want something like that to get between the Steiners.
Rick says they either fight it out right now or walk to the back
together. Scott denounces Hogan and the NWO, saying he wants to
reform the tag team.
somehow the smartest guy in the room, says he can’t trust Scott, even
as he appears to be on the verge of tears. The intelligence is short
lived though as Rick says he’ll give Scotty another chance, but if
Scott stabs him in the back, Rick will hunt him until he dies. They
hug and here’s Adams with a ball bat. Scott is of course fine and
cheers Adams on, confirming his loyalty to Hogan’s camp.
Adams vs. Konnan
goes right at Adams to start and clotheslines him down. Can we
please get Konnan some fitted pants? All that tugging must get
annoying. Adams comes back with a bad looking piledriver (Tony says
it was the jumping variety despite the complete lack of jumping) and
sends Konnan to the outside. Cue Bret Hart to get a cheap shot on
Konnan and send him back inside. Adams gorilla presses Konnan down
but Nash comes in for the DQ.
gets jackknifed.
Girls again, this time in silver.
look at the Nitro Party winner of the week.
Title: Fit Finlay vs. Booker T
takes him into the corner to start and hits a hard kick to the
champion’s back. Finlay cranks on the leg as Tony is thrilled to
have Nitro back to three hours next week. Booker fights up with a
good looking spin kick to the face before backdropping Finlay to the
floor. Back in and Finlay hits a hard clothesline, only to be taken
down by a running forearm. The ax kick puts Finlay down and the whip
spinebuster does the same. There’s a flapjack from the champion as
Benoit saunters down to the ring. The distraction lets Finlay
tombstone Booker down for the pin and the title.
D+. Nothing special here but it
furthers the Booker vs. Benoit feud, which has already had
developments since the last time we saw them. Over the last week,
Booker and Benoit traded the TV Title at some house shows, but
neither of Benoit’s two wins were acknowledged tonight. Instead we
need Finlay to get the title. That’s not a knock on Finlay, but he
hasn’t done anything of note in months and he gets a title?
Nash vs. Lex Luger
have less than five minutes of air time left during Luger’s entrance.
Luger pounds away in the corner to start but a Konnan distraction
allows Nash to kick him in the face. Nash fires off elbows in the
corner and does the foot choke to really expand the offense. A
running clothesline hits Luger in the corner but a second one runs
into Luger’s boot. Savage and Konnan get taken down but Nash gets in
a cheap shot to take over again as the Wolfpack comes in for the fast
and Giant come out to break up the Jackknife and start a fight.
Adams comes out but Bret stops him from hitting the ring, wisely
saying let them fight to end the show.
C-. This is an
interesting case for Nitro. On one hand, this was a story driven
show which did the last thing WCW needed: put even more focus on the
NWO. The silver lining for this show though was the length. It’s
amazing how much easier it is to sit through Nitro when it loses that
third hour. There’s a lot of good stuff in WCW, but the extra time
is always given to pad out the bad stuff, dragging the show down in
the process. Not a bad show here, but the bad is going to take over
in a hurry.
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