CM Punk: TNA’s Savior?

Apparently, CM Punk's contract with WWE expires next summer. Separately, TNA is looking for a new home base.

Forget for a moment the fact that none of the following will actually happen…what if TNA decided to settle in somewhere in Chicago, and, when Punk's contract expired, Dixie Carter offered Punk carte blanche to run the creative side of the company however he wants? And allow him to bring in anyone he can get?

Would that be enough to make TNA a viable wrestling company?

CM Punk?  The guy who even his friends think is a grumpy asshole with no common sense filter on his mouth?  I don't see him being a very effective booker.  Say what you will about HHH, but he knows how to talk to people.  Punk seems more in the Raven mold, as the super-smart guy with great ideas who needs a Paul Heyman to actually turn them into usable TV.