The marginalization of CM Punk In the WWE These Days With the HHH Storyline

Something I need confirmed or debunked; is CM Punk PURPOSELY isolating himself from the main Bryan/HHH storyline, through some sort of veto power he has in his contract, where CM Punk can opt out of any storyline creative might have going on these days?

It's been total and complete bullshit that Punk hasn't been front and center in the current Bryan/HHH storyline, especially since the only reason people gave a flying fuck about him and Heyman was the Lesner factor and Lesner's being a lazy fuck who won't work full-time. So why fucking continue the storyline and make us endure God-awful D-Listers like Curtis Axel and Ryback as the poor man's replacement for Brock?

And hell, it's not like they are even trying to give us a reason for Punk being off HHH's radar to explain this ma

ssive, massive plothole. They can't even bother to show HHH and Punk having a sit-down where Punk goes all Loki during the Surtur Saga in Thor, agreeing to turn a blind eye towards HHH and his bullshit, so long as Hunter and Steph effectively do the same and turn a blind eye towards his obsession with Heyman and Brock.

And hell, speaking of Brock, having Punk be side by side with Bryan fighting HHH and Orton (and remember, Orton/Punk is a bloodfeud that is FAR more personal than Punk being pissy that Heyman dumped him) would provide the perfect eventual set-up for what a lot of people have been speculating in terms of explaining WHY Brock and HHH might eventually hook up as allies: Punk proves to be such a threat to HHH/Orton, they have to buy Brock Lesner's contract from Heyman so they can sick him onto Punk, in order  to keep him from backing up Bryan.



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