favorite running gag

hey keithster, whats your favorite wrestling running gag/meme?
– making fun of Russo (…on a pole etc)
– bret hart's antics "(he told me with tears in his eyes")
– hogan's tales of lies & exaggerations
– flair still living like it's 1986
– cluelessness of TNA/Dixie
– Cornette being Cornette
– Sunny's arrests
???? tell us pls! TIA

I have one guy who e-mails me literally every time TNA does something stupid, so that one's getting a little tiresome.
Probably I'd say Hogan's lies, because it's always fun to write you own Hogan promos and build the exaggerations on top of each other as you go along.  Plus nothing you say can be as ridiculous as the shit he's said for real.