QOTD 12: After Dark…

Howdy Blog Otters, seriously quality discussion yesterday. So serious I completely forgot to post today’s QOTD…well, more like QOTN, until now. But, it being so late, I started to think about how we’ve all had experiences with late night TV that either blew our mind, confused it, angered it, or all three at the same time.


What are your Late Night TV memories, and what’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen after Midnight on television? Bonus points for links.

I remember being a kid and stumbling across Anime for the first time without really intending too, becoming scarred for life at a young age after watching ‘Akira’ and having no clue it was going to be so violent and mentally disturbing. Similarly I saw Pearl Jam’s ‘Fear The Revolution’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ this way, both things I thought would be typical cartoons then turned into ridiculously horrifying experiences for a kid who still dug Power Rangers at the time.

I also remember coming across quality movies like The Shawshank Redemption, Casino, Goodfellas, and Scarface on basic cable late at night, staying up far too late to experience the magic of these basic cable classics for the first time. Basic Cable Classics is a QOTD for another day, though.

Of course then there’s infomercials and religious programming, a favorite of mine being “Virtual Memory” and “Generation Cross” both programs that bring such energy to the religious proceedings you almost wanna go to church. Almost.


Blog Otter Award: Everyone for yesterday’s thread. While we all share different opinions on the matter, very little of the thread turned into name calling and yelling, which I appreciate. Your award can be found here.

1. Sorry for the late post again, I’ll endeavor to post this earlier.

2. I didn’t mention Liquid Television or Beavis and Butthead as I knew about them before I stumbled across them first, but talk about mind fucks, right?