WWF World Championship Wrestling on TBS March 2nd, 1985

This is the first WWF show that was taped live in the TBS Studio in Atlanta. Only five shows aired live until Vince sold the timeslot to Jim Crockett. The last WWF show aired on TBS the day before WrestleMania

March 2, 1985

hosts are Freddie Miller and Gorilla Monsoon

show will be two hours long. Monsoon runs down the card including Greg Valentine
and Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo as well as the WWF debut of Ricky

Mr. Wrestling II
vs. Les Thornton

immediately throws out the “this could main event any arena” line as these two
take it to the mat. They go back and forth as Monsoon, doing commentary by
himself, is joined by Jimmy Hart. He says that he has just signed Jim “The
Anvil” Neidhart then puts over Valentine. They still go back and forth on the
mat and while good from a technical standpoint, it isn’t particularly exciting,
except to the several girls screaming in the front row. Hart states that
Valentine has an open contract to face anyone. Thornton works a headscissors
for a bit as Monsoon says that Mr. Wrestling II wants to be billed from
Atlanta, GA instead of “Parts Unknown.” Mr. Wrestling II escapes and works a
hammer lock as Hart continues to put over Valentine. Mr. Wrestling II works the
arm for a while as Hart is now saying that this match can main event any arena
in the country. Thornton gets a few near-falls with a crucifix then goes back
to the headscissors. Thornton puts on a reverse chinlock then beats on Mr.
Wrestling II. They battle over a gutwrench suplex and Mr. Wrestlnig II wins
that but Thornton goes back to work. He uses some stiff European uppercuts.
Both men collide and are down as the girls are screaming for Mr. Wrestling II.
He gets up and sends Thornton to the floor with a kneelift. Mr. Wrestling II
suplexes him back in but that only gets two. Thornton hits several more
European uppercuts and they fight over a bridge but the time-limit has been
reached (15:00) **1/2.

It started off dull as there was too much matwork but it ended up getting a lot
better towards the end. Mr. Wrestling II was brought over when the WWF bought Georgia Championship Wrestling and relegated to the shows in the South. He left the company shortly after this match aired.


“Playboy” Buddy
Rose vs. Hollywood Brown

has a notable size advantage on Brown. Rose stalls by yelling at the fans then
beats on Brown. He hits a jumping back elbow smash then stomps away. Rose pulls
up Brown at the two count then continues his assault. Brown gets two off a
rollup on what looked like a botched sunset flip attempt then gets tossed to
the floor. Back inside, Rose hits a DDT for the win, which is called a reverse
piledriver by Monsoon (3:22).

A dominant squash by Rose, who did not have Bobby Heenan at his side. Rose was going through a tax evasion trial at the time and wouldn’t be around much longer.


Miller is with Jimmy Hart and Greg Valentine, who says that he has been doing
much better since ridding himself of that fat slob Lou Albano. Valentine then
says that he has gotten meaner and runs down the Junkyard Dog for thinking he
is tough.


S.D. Jones vs. The

scorpion is a fat guy in a blue mask. They start by trading hammerlocks as the
crowd is quiet. S.D. catches him in a powerslam then works a side headlock.
S.D. knocks the Scorpion down, who rolls outside for a breather. Monsoon notes
how Ricky Steamboat will debut tonight as S.D. gets caught with a back elbow
smash. S.D. fights back and goes for the mask but is stopped. S.D takes him
down and works a spinning toe hold. He takes him down with a headbutt then gets
the win with a splash (5:13).

This was really dull and there was no need for this to last as long as it did. By showing matches like this, it was clear that Vince didn’t give a fuck about the TBS show anymore.


Miller is with Ricky Steamboat. Ricky puts over the competition in the WWF as
Miller notes how Don Muraco is also from Hawaii. Steamboat says they can both
get the job done but in different ways as he puts over that he has upcoming
matches with Buddy Rose.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
w/Jimmy Hart vs. Ronnie Hudson

is a skinny jobber that weighs about 170 lbs. He gets slammed by Valentine to
start. Valentine works the arm then beats the piss out of him. He suplexes
Hudson back in the ring then  gets roughed up some more. Valentine drops an elbow
from the second rope as Monsoon notes that they should stop this match. Valentine
puts on a chinlock then murders Hudson with forearms. Valentine hits a reverse
atomic drop then softens up the leg before putting on the figure-four, getting the
victory (5:13).

Dominant squash by Valentine, who they have been pushing hard throughout this show.

Miller is with the Fabulous Moolah and Leilani Kai. Miller asks Kai about the
controversial way she won the title. Kai puts over that she is the queen of the
squared circle as Moolah runs down Wendi Richter.

Barry Windham &
Mike Rotundo vs. Rene Goulet & The Demon

champs work on Goulet to start. The Demon tags and the same thing happens to
him. The Demon misses a charge in the corner and Windham slams him down. Goulet
breaks up the pin and the match breaks down. The heels double-team Windham
behind the ref’s back. Windham makes a blind tag and Rotundo takes control. Leg
drop gets two as Goulet breks up the pin. The champs hit Demon with a double
dropkick and Goulet breaks up the pin. Windham hits a powerslam and tags
Rotundo, who put on a reverse chinlock then Goulet runs behind the referee’s
back and breaks it up. Goulet then tags and drops an elbow for two. The heels
use quick tags then Rotundo makes a blind tag. Windham hits a back suplex on the Demon. Goulet tries to
grab Demon so he wot get suplexed again but that fails. Rotundo runs in and the
hit the heels with a double noggin knocker and Rotundo catches the Demon with
an airplane spin for the win (9:30) *.

The champs looked really good but again, there was no need for a squash to last almost ten minutes. This show is fucking torture.

Tony Russo vs.
Ricky Steamboat

is an old-time WWWF jobber who is short and pudgy. They start by fighting over
a wristlock and that is won by Steamboat. He hits a slam then works a side
headlock for a bit. Russo works the leg for a while. Steamboat escapes and hits
a slam then sells the leg. He puts on a chinlock then gets a monkey flip. Steamboat
rolls him up for two drops the knee. He chops down Russo and hits a top rope
splash that gets the win (8:12).

Again, a painfully long match. Steamboat looked great and more athletic that 95% of the roster at the time.

Miller is with Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik. They putdown the tag champs
and the USA then start hitting each other in the chest several times.

Wenona Little Heart
vs. Leilani Kai

Moolah  joins Monsoon on commentary. Wenona hits a
few dropkicks but Kai comes back with a slam. Kai picks up Wenona with one hand
and tosses her down. Wenona has a nice body I must say. Kai kicks her in the
face then sidesteps a charge in the corner. Kai puts a claw on the abdomen of
Wenona as Moolha goes back to the ring. Kai whiffs on a leg drop and that allows
Wenona to fight back. She jumps on Kai’s back and puts on a sleeper then goes
on her shoulders but Moolah pulls her down and works on her leg as Kai
distracts the referee. Kai comes back with a slam and hits a splash from the
middle rope for the win (6:30) *1/2.

Not a bad women’s match. Wenona could take a shit kicking and Kai was alright in the ring so it worked out okay.

is with Paul Orndorff. He tells him that the world is upset about him interfering
in the Piper vs. Hogan match. Orndorff says that Mr. T will pay for sticking
his “big, black greasy nose” in his business and promises that he will pay for
what he did. Orndorff then proclaims himself as the best and takes pride in the
fact that his opponents get carried out on a stretcher.

Rick McGraw &
Chance Meyers vs. Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik

joins Gorilla at the announcer’s table as the crowd is screaming “U-S-A.”
McGraw and Sheik trade moves to start as Orndorff puts himself over on commentary.
McGraw gets two off a sunset flip and the Sheik is pissed. Sheik rakes the eyes
and tags Volkoff. McGraw comes back with 
a crossbody but Volkoff tosses him in the corner. Sheik tags and hits a
gutbuster then a few suplexes. Volkoff tags and McGraw floats over on a slam
attempt and gets two off a reverse rollup before tagging out. Meyers gets his
ass kicked as Orndorff said he would give a guy like Meyers a shot at the
title. Sheik spits on Meyers and the heels beat the shit out of him then toss
him outside. Back inside, the heels continue to destroy Meyers unitl he tags
out. McGraw comes back but misses a dropkick then tags Meyers again and Volkoff
immediately hits him with a backbreaker. Sheik tags and applies the camel
clutch shortly thereafter for the win (7:56).

They gave McGraw a lot more offense that I thought they would and he looked good. I have no idea why Orndorff was on commentary here but I suppose it was to give him a strong push for the not yet announced WrestleMania main event.

is now with the tag-champions, Windham & Rotundo. They want Sheik &
Volkoff to know that they will face them at any time.

Salvatore Bellomo
vs. Paul Orndorff

attacks Bellomo before the bell. Bellomo gets a crossbody but Orndorff catches
him with  a powerslam then gets the win
with a piledriver (0:43).

A nice, quick little squash. I also believe this was the last of Bellomo for a while until he returned the following year with his unmemorable heel run.

and Miller wrap up the show. They run down next week which includes Tito
Santana, Junkyard Dog, Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake, Ken Patera & Big
John Studd, and Wendi Richter.


Final Thoughts: There was no need at all for this show to be two hours long and it was a good thing that Vince sold the rights to Crockett. The opening match was fine and Steamboat made his debut but other than that, I would avoid this show at all costs.