Night of Champions Predictions Thread

OK, for a thread where I actually UNDERSTAND what's being discussed, here's the place to give final guesses for the show tonight.  
– Bryan over Orton via screwjob (Shield run-in DQ, countout, whatever) to keep the feud going until he wins the belt at HITC.
– Punk beats Axel, but the New Heyman Guy debuts and allows Paul to get the win.  Big E would seem to fit there.
– RVD wins the World title from ADR, Sandow tries to cash in, but Cody Rhodes jumps out of the crowd and screws him out of it.   Meltzer noted that Sandow isn't going to be successful when he cashes in, as things currently stand.
– Ambrose beats Dolph to retain the US title.
– Non-Boob Bella wins the Golden Tramp Stamp
– Shield retains over whatever poor bastards win the pre-game clusterfuck.
Should be a good show, which I'll likely do Monday night.