Great…But Not

Hey Scott,

Are there any matches that you know are great yet don't particularly like watching? For example, I realize this is blasphemous, but I know Savage vs. Steamboat from WM III is an amazing match, however I'd much rather watch the Savage vs. Jake Roberts/Heel vs. Heel match from SNME in 1986.  


HH v. Shawn Michaels after Summerslam 2002 immediately springs to mind.  I literally never want to watch them wrestle each other again.  John Cena v. Kurt Angle was supposed to be really good but bored the pants off me, much like most of Cena's output between Thuganomics and the Punk feud.  The Big Show-Sheamus matches were generally really good last year but I have no desire to ever watch them again.  
The thing is that most of the matches I rate highly are ones that I enjoy watching.  If it's something where I only know it's great objectively but don't enjoy the experience, then I usually downgrade the rating and also make a note in the review.  HHH-Shawn HITC from 2004 is the most notable example of that.