Wwe vs njpw

Hey Scott,
Giant fan. Bought all the books, love the ebooks and hope you’re doing more in the future. Anyways I havea quick question for you. In the entire world, historically, what is the most prestigious wrestling title? Basically it comes down to the wwe belt vs the njpw belt right? Obviously for us in north america its the wwe belt. But what about in Mexico? Or japan? And do guys in cmll or AAA think NJPW is better than wwe or vice versa? I’m sort of assuming that became Vince has his promotion on TV everywhere the wwe is the most viewed so wrestlers are over the globe are the most familiar with it, thus they see it as the biggest league. But are there lots of guys who see the NJPW belt as a bigger deal because its less media driven? Thanks for any insight you can shed on this.
I would presume that by sheer media influence the WWE title would be the most, but I’m far from the expert on it.  Anyone in those other countries that can shed light on the subject?