QOTD 7: Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t understand.

Hola Otters (for the record Otters is a bad phonetic spelling of Blog O’ Doomers). Anyway, sorry for the last posting this lovely afternoon but I actually was at the doc’s getting some fancy info about my brain-parts, after concerns and questions about my ability to work properly finally came to a head. I got some answers, and a Monkey the size of Yokozuna has been lifted off my shoulders.

On that subject, here’s today’s question:

What’s something you’ve done in life, that, despite tepid reaction from friends and family, you followed through with and are proud of? 

Mine are obviously gaming and writing and wrestling, with maybe a dash of recent Baseball fandom. I can elaborate in the comments, but I actually need to go watch a “Cutco” demo my mom set up with my sister’s ex-boyfriend. Why? Because I’m not allowed a Friday to myself, that’s why.
Blog Otter Award: OfficerFarva for probably reading one-too-many Tucker Max stories growing up, and making the most of it by pulling a reverse Clooney, by way of going to a fancy casino and doing everything exactly the opposite of how George Clooney would for the delight of wrestling fans on the internet. Thank you sir.

It’s like a Solid Snake / Liquid snake kind of thing.

1. Poker Night of Champions updates: 4 sign ups plus myself. So we have a four person game. Feel free to signup at [email protected] to sign up. I’ll send a round-up to all the e-mails by noon est on Saturday.