Impact Wrestling – September 13, 2013

September 12, 2013
Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis, Missouri
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
yet another special tonight with No Surrender, which is a pretty
meaningless name since none of the matches have anything to do with
surrendering or not surrendering. The card however is pretty big
with the semifinals and I believe the finals of the BFG Series.
Given hos screwed up this Series has been though, they might find a
way to hold the finals of the Bound For Glory Series after Bound For
Glory. We also have Anderson challenging Bully Ray for the world
title. Let’s get to it.

see the four finalists arriving before looking at a video of all four
guys saying what this means to them.
also get a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald about fighting families to
hype up Anderson vs. Ray.
are Ray and Tessmacher to open things up. Ray talks about how his
family haven’t been seeing eye to eye as of late and blames it on
Hulk Hogan. This brings out Hogan in a blue shirt to talk about
quivering livers and thanks SpikeTV for letting us have this big show
for free. Hogan says Ray needs to be getting ready for his showdown
with Anderson and not even think about Bound For Glory yet. Ray
wants Anderson out here right now to say it to his face so here’s
Ken, though he passes Hogan’s outstretched arm.
says the Aces and 8’s are stronger than Hogan will ever been. All
Anderson has to do is apologize and this all ends. Anderson says Ray
is right and that he was out of line…..and he can’t wait to get out
of line again tonight. He decks Ray to send him to the floor and
says he’ll be the new world champion tonight. Hogan says the title
match is a last man standing match for absolutely no apparent reason.
For Glory Series Semifinals: Austin Aries vs. AJ Styles
win or go home here as the points are officially a non-factor now.
Feeling out process to start with Aries dropkicking AJ to the floor
and dropping him with a top rope ax handle. Back inside and Aries
misses a missile dropkick so AJ takes him down with a dropkick of his
own. Aries bails to the floor but he avoids a slingshot plancha from
AJ. Austin loads up the suicide dive but charges into an AJ forearm
to put him down. They head back inside to fight over a suplex and we
take a break.
with Aries still trying to hit the brainbuster but opting for some
shots to the head instead. AJ comes back with some forearms and his
AA into a backbreaker for two. Styles loads up the Clash but Aries
grabs the rope to escape. Now the slingshot plancha takes Austin out
but he manages to break up the Superman forearm, knocking Styles face
first into the apron.
loads up another suicide dive but AJ pops back in with the forearm,
though Aries stopping in place so the move could connect looked bad.
Another Styles Clash attempt is countered into a hurricanrana but AJ
gets a boot up in the corner to block a running dropkick. That’s
fine with Aries as he hits it in the other corner instead. AJ blocks
the brainbuster again but just like the dropkick, the second attempt
connects for two.
the Last Chancery but AJ won’t tap so Aries pounds in knees to the
head. AJ avoids the 450 but Aries lands on his feet. A running
dropkick misses and Aries lands on the ropes, allowing AJ to hit the
Pele to stun him. AJ goes to the ropes for a middle rope Styles
Clash to send him to the finals at 15:38.
B+. This was FUN as both guys
countered everything until Aries couldn’t get past the huge arsenal
of Styles in the end. That middle rope Styles Clash looked great and
there was no way he could kick out of it. Aries will have a big
match at BFG and he’ll deserve it, but AJ was just a step better
gives Magnus a pep talk and the Brit says he’s tired of being the
For Glory Series Semifinals: Bobby Roode vs. Magnus
gets a jobber entrance and Magnus is back in the shorts instead of
the tights. Bobby must be ticked off at the lack of respect because
he jumps Magnus from behind and takes it to the floor to send Magnus
into the barricade. Back in and a quick belly to back suplex gets
two for Roode and a regular suplex gets the same. We hit the
chinlock as this has been one sided so far.
up and Magnus blocks an O’Connor Roll and takes Roode down with a
forearm. He catches Roode diving off the ropes in a very modified
Falcon’s Arrow for two but Roode goes to the eyes. There’s the
spinebuster for two on Magnus but the Brit breaks up a superplex and
hits the top rope elbow for two. Roode can’t hook the crossface and
gets caught in a Texas Cloverleaf but Roode finally makes the rope.
Back up and Magnus blocks a fisherman’s suplex into a jackknife cover
for the pin at 7:00.
C. This was ok but nothing more
than that. Magnus got beaten up too much in the beginning and it
made the comeback better, but Roode tapping out would have been
better. Magnus looked like he couldn’t win with a big move and had
to steal a win instead of looking dominant. Still though, not bad
and it got the job done.
is freaking out when Bad Influence comes in to calm him down. Bobby
blames Hogan and says if he can’t go to the finals, no one is.
gives Manik a pep talk. Manik wants a shot at Jeff Hardy tonight and
his wish is granted. Dixie comes in and asks to talk to Hogan alone.
Apparently Rampage and Tito are off the show for fear of the
November 2 PPV getting messed up.
doesn’t know what’s happening to Aces and 8’s but he thinks the
cronies want Anderson to be President and world champion. He yells
at Knux, Brisco and Bischoff, saying he did everything and brought
Anderson into the fold. Ray thinks they’ll do the right thing and
hopes they feel the same way about him.
recap Anderson vs. Ray, which is due to Ray blaming Anderson for
losing the title to Sabin. Ray then said Tito Ortiz was the only man
he needed and Anderson was annoyed at Ray acting like a dictator.
World Title: Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray
man standing with Ray defending. Anderson jumps Ray on the ramp to
start and takes Ray into the ring for a whip into the corner. The
champion is sent back to the floor as this is one sided so far. Ray
is sent into the announce table and barricade so he hides behind
Christy, complete with Hemme’s top opening (it’s similar to Lita’s
outfits in the Rated R Superstar era) but the power of tape saving
gets in a cheap shot and sends Anderson into the steps before asking
Brooke for a chair. It takes forever to get there and Anderson gets
in a shot to the ribs to take the chair away. He blasts the champion
in the back and pounds him back into the ring. Ray goes up but gets
hit low, allowing Anderson to hit a rolling senton. The fans are
COMPLETELY behind Anderson here and him telling himself to get the
tables makes them cheer even louder. Even Tenay is cheering for
takes him down with a boot to the face and gets in a chair shot of
his own. The table is set up in the corner as we take a break. Back
with Ray yelling at Hebner but Earl yells right back at him, looking
like a heart attack is imminent. Ray shoves him into the buckle to
knock him out but walks into a Mic Check onto the chair to lay him
out. There’s no referee though so Ray gets up and hits a Bully
Cutter to lay both guys down.
Bischoff, Brisco and Knux to stare at Ray before stalking Anderson.
Before they touch him, Brooke comes in with a low blow. Ray bosses
them around and a Shield TripleBomb lays Anderson out. Ray helps
Hebner up but Anderson is up at nine. Anderson comes back with right
hands but Ray drops him. Why the referee isn’t counting Anderson
when he’s down is anyone’s guess. Ray knocks Anderson out with the
chain, drawing blood. Anderson makes it up to his feet AGAIN but
staggers in front of the table in the corner. A spear through the
table is enough to retain the title at 17:30.
B. This match did something
that is the best sign you can have in wrestling: they had me
believing that something was possible when there was no way it was
going to happen. The crowd was WAY into Anderson here and that’s a
good sign for TNA. They need some fresh blood at the top and it’s
been awhile since Anderson was up there. Good stuff here but the
crowd carried a lot of it.
is taken out on a stretcher but Ray chases him down and rips the cut
off his back. A piledriver on the stage gets rid of Anderson,
probably until BFG.
is excited about the change to be Knocked Up Champion next week.
are Storm and Gunner with something to say. Storm wants to drink and
Gunner wants to fight so why not do both things? James wants some
opponents so here are Chavo and Hernandez. Chavo talks about how
Storm is the second greatest tag team wrestler in TNA and how Gunner
is the second strongest man in TNA. Guerrero wants a match so Gunner
accepts it for next week. If the non Champions win, they get a title
For Glory Series Finals: Magnus vs. AJ Styles
gets Bully at Bound For Glory. AJ takes it to the mat with a
headlock takeover and does it again since it worked so well the first
time. Magnus comes back with a quick suplex and we hit the chinlock.
Back up and AJ drop toeholds Magnus into the buckle as Tenay runs
down a Bellator card. They slug it out with AJ taking over but
Magnus avoids a knee drop. AJ does the same with an elbow drop and
gets two off a small package. Cue EGO to attack both guys at about
4:30 to lay everyone out. The bell never rang to end the match.
Referee come out to break it up as we take a break.
from a break with the two guys slugging it out. No explanation, no
restart, no Hogan announcement. Nothing at all as the match just
keeps going which is probably the right idea. AJ wins a slugout but
Magnus blocks the Superman Forearm before getting two off a Falcon’s
Arrow. AJ counters the Cloverleaf into Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate but
he has to raise his shoulder to avoid being pinned and the hold is
Pele gets two on Magnus and there’s the Calf Killer but Magnus hangs
on forever and finally makes the rope. Back up and Magnus counters a
spinwheel kick into a spinebuster for two. Magnus loads up a
superplex but AJ knocks him down three times in a row. The Spiral
Tap is enough to send AJ to Bound For Glory at 15:11.
B. The EGO thing was completely
unnecessary but the match was solid either way. Did anyone really
think this wasn’t how the Series was going to end though? That’s the
one thing TNA needs to work on: telegraphing their major moments.
The Series seemed tailor made for Styles to win from day one and
that’s exactly what happened. Still though, very good showing from
Magnus and that’s what he needed here.
thanks the fans and Magnus, seemingly reaffirming his face status.
He got a lot of replies about what he said a few weeks ago, but he
didn’t hear from Dixie Carter. Dixie needs to be here next week
because AJ has a lot to say to her.
A-. Questionable ending
aside, this was a great show. When TNA cuts out most of the
nonsense, they have the ability to put on some very entertaining
shows. The problem is most of their regular shows just aren’t that
good and you can really see that when they give an effort like they
do on these specials. BFG is set though and that’s the good thing,
even though the main story has been Hogan vs. Ray for months now.
Styles b. Austin Aries – Middle rope Styles Clash
b. Bobby Roode – Jackknife pin
Ray b. Mr. Anderson – Spear through a table
Styles b. Magnus – Spiral Tap

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