The Booker T Element

So Booker T's been on Raw lately and they have been tacitly using him as a reminder of HHH's LAST reign of terror (and what happened at Wrestlemania 19) and I have to ask, are they going to FINALLY address the bullshit racist angle from HHH/Booker T as part of the current storyline? As so far as Booker T is going to either help Bryan win the title at NoC or stage some sort of coup against Steph/HHH in the event Bryan does win and they decide, just because they can, to overturn the ruling as far as preventing them from forcing the belt back onto Orton even though Orton lost clean? 

His presence is a reminder of this and the fact that Booker T never got revenge against HHH for that entire shameful storyline. It can't be coincidence that they have had him fluttering around like a plot device hanging on the wall like Chekov's Gun. And really, if they do intend for there to be SOME sort of deux ex machina to stop HHH, having Booker be it and him flat out namechecking WM 19 as his motive to end Mr Toad's Wild Ride seems fitting with the whole continuity porn aspect of this entire storyline. IE when Booker strips Steph and HHH of their power, WM 19 will be mentioned casually when Booker is explaining to HHH why he is the one who had the motive for stepping up and stopping Mr Toad's Wild Ride dead in it's tracks like he would be doing.
So the question is whether HHH is going to admit to being a racist while in a position as one of the owners of a multi-billion dollar company to pay off a wrestling angle?  I'm gonna say no.