QOTD 2: Don’t Peeve On Me, Bro.

Howdy Blog Oders (Blog Otters), I know most of us are probably watching American Football today, but in case you’re bored during halftime, or a Browns fan, I figured I’d post the QOTD and spark a little discussion. Feel free to talk NFL here, too!

Yesterday’s “Best Comeback” thread eventually turned into a heated discussion about whether or not Robert Downey Jr. was sort of a punchline, then morphed into the fact we’re kind of celebrities over at another internet forum that hates us all, and it got me thinking about something:

What are your completely irrational pet peeves?

In much the same way many Blog Oders don’t like tainting the mighty name of Robert Downey Jr., what little things piss you off to no end, to the point that you’ll defend them, or rail against them to the death, regardless of objectivity, rationality, or sanity?

I have a few:

They’re, Their, There – Self explanatory. Not that I don’t make this mistake myself all the time, but when other people do it I go a little crazy.

That’s just like, your opinion, man – Be as passionate about something as you want, and think everyone is wrong, but when something is fundamentally accepted as wonderful, or profound, or great or terrible, realize you are in the minority and be prepared to explain *why* or be accepting of the fact the problem is with you, and not the other people.

For example I cannot stand the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man” I’m fully aware that in actuality that flick is a pretty accurate depiction of how Spidey is in the comics, namely miserable, but I just personally disliked the dour tone for a super-hero that I always thought of at least a little optimistic, with the movie ultimately culminating in Spidey getting almost everyone he cared for killed. But I am fully aware I’m kind of alone in this assessment.

The inaccurate portrayal of folks playing video games on my television. I think we’ve all seen this one before, where some characters on a TV show or commercial are playing a video game using only the shoulder buttons, or moving the controller around like an idiot. The worst offender I’ve seen in awhile was the movie “You Again” where the kid in the movie’s Grandma buys him “Fall Out 5”, or something like that, for his PSP. This baffled me to no end, simply because they spent the time to figure out that “Fall Out” was a game, but didn’t bother telling the director, props guy, or producers that a “Fall Out” game would never be on a PSP.

On the flip side, “Roseanne” of all things nailed the experience of adults playing with a video game console for the first time, with the adults thinking it’s stupid, then finding a way to get enthralled in the action anyway.

Talking to me while I’m watching a movie, then getting upset when I pause it. It’s okay, I only want to hear SOME of the dialog, and only pay a little attention to the movie. No big thing. This goes for PPVs, too.

If Pet Peeve were an actual pet, it’d be this dude.


Blog Otter Award:  CultStatus for posting over 10,000 times on this here blog, way to go, ya big nerd.  His award can be found here.

Homework assignment: Go watch “Batman” on Netflix, the 1966 version, and tell me it is not the most bizarre, charming, campy, creative, silly, fun, flat out enjoyable flick you’ve seen in awhile.