Why is it that people are so adamant WWE will never turn John Cena heel?  People said the same about Hulk Hogan at one point which is what made his turn shocking in 1996.  Now that they have two guys that are getting close to his level in popularity (CM Punk & Daniel Bryan) isn’t it time?  I’m predicting he loses to Daniel Bryan early next year in his return match and than becomes a tweener heading into his feud with Undertaker ultimately turning heel after or at WM30.  Cena becomes heel by ending the streak?  Punk & Bryan can sell the same merchandise as Cena.

Hogan wasn’t drawing money as a babyface in 1996, and in fact without that turn the company was probably going to go into a downward spiral with Hogan on top, and everyone knew it.  John Cena (even though he gets booed by smart-ass fans) draws thousands of people to house shows every night, makes ratings go up, and sells merchandise numbers that would make 1996 Hogan cry like a little baby.  JOHN CENA IS NOT TURNING HEEL.  Nor should he.  Companies that base major business decisions on whiny internet nerds like us, such as TNA leaving the Impact Zone, deserve what they get.