Forever Evil Discussion Thread

There was a little bit of discussion of the villains month and Forever Evil in the Flashpoint thread, but if anyone wants to talk about/review/bitch about the assorted Villains one-shots and Forever Evil, have at it!  I’m pretty disappointed thus far considering it was an intriguing premise coming out of Trinity War, although I should note Forever Evil itself is amazing after the first issue.  The villain stuff is a mixed bag, although I haven’t read all of them.  Creeper was terrible and a messy slog to get through, Desaad didn’t really make much sense to me, Count Vertigo was OK but covered much of the same ground as the animated Green Arrow short, Cyborg Superman was a totally different take on the character and was just him being evil for 22 pages instead of really saying anything about him, and Joker was a huge disappointment.  His aunt scrubbed him with bleach?  Really?  So far they’re a bunch of OK fill-in issues. 
Also, apparently Batwoman was cancelled.  (Edit:  Apparently JH Williams is leaving, but the book will continue.  Which is even worse in some ways.)  I was losing interest anyway, but this gets canned and Batwing doesn’t?  REALLY?