Austin vs Today

Hi Scott,

Just read about you naming Austin #1 worker out of Austin, Brock, Rock, Cena.

I've been thinking a lot about what I used to like about Austin during the Attitude era, and what's missing from a lot of today's wrestlers, and I think a lot of it is attention to detail. Austin did all of the little things really well – things like rolling onto his stomach to avoid a pinfall after a big move, or after kicking out; the way he'd sell moves convincingly without going over the top, making guys look like a threat even though he was billed for a long time as the top guy; the fact that he could throw a punch.

There's lots of other things of course, but it's these little things I pay attention to now when I watch his (and others) old matches on YouTube compared to some of the stale, lazy crap being thrown out on WWE TV nowadays.

Wondered what you thought about the lazy style of some of today's workers.


don't think it's lazy, it's just the style that they're taught in and it doesn't lend itself well to details like that.  I honestly don't blame the guys for it, because they're working stadium-style (big cartoonish selling and exchanging finishers) and the previous generation learned arena-style (details in selling and psychology).  It's just different, not necessarily worse or better.