Hogan, Vince and a Cement Mixer

Two scenarios for you:

1.  On the way to meet Vince McMahon for the first time ever, Hogan gets run over by a cement mixer.

2.  On the way to meet Hulk Hogan for the first time ever, Vince gets run over by a cement mixer.

How does each scenario affect the survivor's career and the wrestling industry as a whole?


.  He would no-sell the mixer and pop up, deliver three punches to the truck, and drop the big leg on it to win his title back, brother!  Or rather, Vince would try out a series of guys on top like JYD, Snuka, Kerry Von Erich and probably eventually buy Lex Luger from Crockett and run with him on top.  Business would probably be fine but not explode on MTV or create national headlines with Wrestlemania and such.
2.  Vince would flip the double bird to St. Peter on the way to the afterlife, and the wrestling business as we know it would be dead by 1988 when Crockett spent himself out of business and there was no national template for WCW to follow.  Probably it would just be a bunch of indy promotions constantly searching for money marks and the carrot of a national TV deal.  Vince was really FAR more important to the business as a whole than Hogan was.