Greats by almost Greats

Interested to see what matches (primarily singles) people would say are the best/must-sees for people on that second, maybe third tier of great technical wrestler. We all know what Savage, Flair, Michaels matches to seek out, but curious about the following guys.


The Orton series in 2011 produced some top-level stuff, but Christian as a singles guy has never really been a tippy top worker.  The match with Jericho at WM20 was a near-showstealer also.  

-Dean Malenko

Almost any of his Cruiserweight title matches in WCW, but the Jericho match at Slamboree 98 was pretty much the peak of his run.  I also have a soft spot for the match with Scotty 2 Hotty at Backlash 2000.  Plus there's reams of awesome Japan stuff in the Super Junior tournaments.  

-Barry Windham

Ric Flair, 1987, pick any of them. 


His shot at the NWA title with Jeff Jarrett was amazingly built and one of the best things TNA ever did, and then of course there's a million decent brawls in ECW, including the Raven-Richards v. Pitbulls match that was the only ECW match to get ***** from me.  


Lots of WCW Sting matches in the 90s, lots of awesome "beat the shit out of each other" matches with guys like Stan Hansen in Japan, plus a crazy tag match with him and Bigelow against the Steiners that was on pretty much every comp tape of the 90s.  Wanna see Vader take a Frankensteiner?  There ya go.  


I've always been partial to the John Cena match, and the Lynn matches have grown on me over the years.