HHH/Bryan = McMahon/Austin

I'm not the only person thinking that they've finally found the right players to recreate the Austin/McMahon feud, am I?

Bryan is a self-made star in the midst of a transcendent rise that the WWE doesn't want as the face of the company. And HHH is the perfect replacement for Vince, since he represents not only "evil management" but also was the standard bearer of everything the WWE wanting in a champion.

There's even a smart angle to it, since we are all aware of Trips history of holding people down so his character makes sense. And Bryan is almost a perfect underdog – a lifelong indy guy and Internet darling.

So I say let HHH screw Bryan over nonstop and bully everyone and make them all bow down to him…as long as he puts Bryan over clean every time they match up.  If he learns that lesson from Vince, they could have real magic on their hands.


hat is the biggest difference between Vince and HHH, isn't it?  HHH always has to be STRONG GUY HHH trading bombs with the biggest stars in the business, even when "retired" and with a corporate haircut.  Vince is all about going out there and taking gigantic beatings for his art.  Hopefully HHH learns that lesson quickly.