NXT – August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tony Dawson, William Regal
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
last week’s great match between Zayn and Cesaro we’re needing a new
#1 contender. We’ve seen a showdown teased between Sami and Dallas
for awhile now so that might be the best possible option. Either way
NXT is capable of coming up with some good programs out of nowhere
and odds are they can do it again here. Let’s get to it.

open with Corey Graves in the back when Rick Victor of the Ascension
comes up. Victor talks about how Ascension will rise when Conor
O’Brian jumps Graves and crushes his ribs with a piece of the metal
set. It’s about time Ascension went after the tag belts.
Breeze vs. CJ Parker
stands in the corner tonight while CJ Parker dances at him. The fans
chant that Breeze is gorgeous and there’s no contact in the first
minute. Parker goes after Tyler’s phone, drawing Breeze in to attack
him. Tyler dives to the floor to avoid a kick to the gorgeous face
and draws in Parker for some shots to the back.
knee drop gets one for Tyler and it’s time for a picture. Parker
picks him up in an airplane spin of all things and a backsplash keeps
Tyler in trouble. Two running knees in the chest stagger Breeze but
he drops to the mat to avoid another punch. While down there he gets
the phone to knock out Parker for the pin at 3:19.
D. Nothing match as nearly a
third was spent in the opening standoff. Breeze continues to amuse
me but I don’t care for Parker at all. He’s not a bad idea but he’s
done nothing to interest me in the few appearances he’s made so far.
Also I wanted to see Breeze’s spin kick again.
says her guaranteed title shot is going to have to wait because she
wants to beat up Summer Rae. Then she’s going to blow some bubbles
and play some Dance Dance Emmalution. Renee Young: “That’s not a
thing.” Emma: “Sure it is you silly rabbit.” Emma is rapidly
reaching the too cute for words level.
Breeze has LEFT the building.
Rae vs. Emma
brings the bubble juice to the ring with her because she’s awesome
like that. Emma takes her down by the leg to start but Summer rolls
her to the ground and rams Emma’s head into the mat. Emma slips out
and slams Summer down for some dancing and a two count. Summer’s
face is rammed into the mat a few times but she kicks away from the
Dilemma (Tarantula) and takes over.
gets in a kick to Emma’s shoulder and splashes the arm for two.
Summer puts on a full nelson with her legs (cool move) but Emma leans
back into a near fall for two. Back up and Emma avoids a charge in
the corner and puts on the Dilemma (minor ECW chant) followed by a
low running cross body for two. Summer is catapulted out of the
corner as we go back to the 80s, setting up the Emma Lock (Bridging
Indian Deathlock) for the tap out at 4:26.
C+. I really liked this with a
lot of the interesting spots such as the leg nelson and of course the
Tarantula always looks cool. The other aspect I like here is how
simplistic these characters are yet how well they work. WWE Divas
have years on TV and many of them have no defined characters at all.
It’s amazing how easy it is to make characters that work yet it’s
nearly impossible on WWE TV.
match Summer jumps Emma and pours the bubble juice in her eyes for a
good old fashioned blinding angle.
Amore and Colin Cassady get in an argument with Scott Dawson and
Sylvester LeFort over who is going to get revenge on Mason Ryan.
Dawson asks LeFort when he gets paid again. LeFort: “When you win
a match.” Dawson: “…..oh.” Anyway it looks like we’re
getting Dawson against Enzo later.
Banks gets on Summer for what she just did but Summer does her stuck
up thing, saying Summerslam was named after her and that she’s a Raw
and Smackdown Diva. Sasha can’t even get on NXT so she should be
following Summer. Rae brags about how awesome it is to be in the WWE
and laughs at Sasha for being stuck down here. Sasha needs to get it
together before her match with Paige in two weeks. This sounded like
Summer was leaving and a tease of a heel turn for Banks.
Amore vs. Scott Dawson
continues his awesome over the top heel schtick by saying he and
Cassady got a dime every time they were beaten up as kids, meaning
they have ZERO dimes. And they are NOT S-A-W-F-T! The fans of
course eat it up with a spoon. Enzo grabs a quick headlock to start
but a LeFort distraction allows Dawson to take him down by the hair.
Scott drapes him over the top rope and drops a knee for two. Enzo
escapes a slam and headscissors Dawson down as Alexander Rusev comes
down to jump Cassady. Dawson uses the distraction to hit a quick
belly to back suplex (almost an Angle Slam) for the pin at 3:11.
D. Not much here but Amore
continues to be entertaining. For the first time I’m liking the idea
of LeFort as a heel manager as a group of clients could work better
than similar guys like Dylan and Dawson. I like Rusev too as they
don’t veer from the big foreign monster motif with him.
of Zayn vs. Cesaro from last week.
Sami with something to say. He thanks the fans for chanting Match of
the Year but Sami is conflicted about the match because it was great
but he lost. The fans want one more match but Renee wants to know
what’s next for Zayn. Sami flirts with Renee a bit before saying he
wants to be NXT Champion. Cue Bo Dallas who says that a few fans on
the internet liking a match doesn’t mean he’s title worthy.
says he’ll take it from here and wants to know why Bo is out here.
Dallas says Sami injured him at Summerslam Axxess because Sami is
just so green. Sami calls Bo delusional but Dallas says everyone
loves him. Zayn: “They’re booing you out of the building.” Bo:
“They’re chanting Bo!” Now the fans chant Boo and Sami accuses
Bo of being scared. This brings out Colter, who accuses Zayn of
being a border jumper. Swagger runs in from the other side of the
arena and beats Sami down. I love Zayn’s presence out there and you
can easily tell the difference between rookies and people who know
how to handle themselves.
get a video on the NXT guys at Summerslam Axxess. John Cena praises
Adrian Neville.
Neville vs. Conor O’Brian
is in the match due to the attack on Graves earlier tonight. O’Brian
shoves him into the corner to start so Adrian tries to speed things
up a bit, hitting a spinning cross body out of the corner for two.
Conor slugs him down with ease and Neville is in trouble as we take a
break. Back with Conor missing a charge into the corner, allowing
Neville to get in some strikes to stagger him. Neville clotheslines
him on the top rope but his cross body is caught in a slam for two.
O’Brian misses another charge in the corner and Adrian gets two off a
belly to back. Neville goes up and hits a 450 for the completely
clean pin at 5:25.
D+. O’Brian went to a draw
against Big E. Langston but gets pinned clean in five and a half
minutes by Neville? If nothing else Neville gets a good rub here and
continues to show he’s more than just a spot monkey. The match
wasn’t much but power vs. speed is almost always worth a look.
match Victor comes in for the beatdown until Graves comes out with
taped ribs, only to be beaten down as well. Ascension stands tall to
end the show.
C+. As always, this is
an hour of really entertaining wrestling. One of the good things on
this show is each story has a clear idea. Nothing feels like it’s
tacked on to fill in time which is a nice change of pace from the
filler matches we get on Raw or Smackdown. Fun show here with NXT
looking strong going forward.
Breeze b. CJ Parker – Pin after a phone shot to the head
b. Summer Rae – Emma Lock
Dawson b. Enzo Amore – Belly to back suplex
Neville b. Conor O’Brian – 450 Splash
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