D Bryan and HBK

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Do you envision a scene down the road during one of the D Bryan humiliation skits where HBK comes out to defend his prized pupil and confronts HHH and Vince.  Shawn cuts a promo on them and lays the foundation for one of them crossing over to Daniel’s side.  If some sort of McMahon fued is working its way to WrestleMania, then they can’t all be on the same side as they are now . . something has to give.
What sayeth you?

The clear storyline path seems to be power mad HHH deciding that the Facgime doesn’t need old man Vince any longer.  HBK would fit as a foil for old frenemy HHH and as a representative of the previous era that HHH is trying to kill off, in that hypothetical storyline, although I don’t think Shawn wants to come back.  What might work is Vince choosing Undertaker as his avatar so that HHH’s guy has to end the streak in order to get ultimate control of the company.