Upcoming RAW DVD

So according to this…

…the upcoming Raw 20th Anniversary collection is slated to have UP TO 20 complete episodes of the show. Which episodes do you think should obviously be included? Which episodes aren't so obvious that you'd like to see included? And would you prefer just an unreleased match compilation?

More obvious question, do we REALLY need another DVD compilation celebrating the longevity of RAW?  Aren't the previous 5 or 6 enough by now?
Anyway, the full episode idea is interesting, although I don't really remember many full ones.  Obvious choices:
– The first one
– The 1-2-3 Kid upset / Marty Jannetty return episode
– Steve Austin terrorizes the Hart Foundation for two hours
– This year's post-Wrestlemania snark-fest
– The USA Homecoming episode
– RAW Old School
I'm sure there's many others, but those would have to be on there, you'd think.