BoD Daily Update Article on the Birth of “Extreme Championship Wrestling” has an interview with Paul Heyman on the 19th year anniversary of the change from “Eastern Championship Wrestling” to “Extreme Championship Wrestling.”

WWE Showing Interest in Prince Devitt?

According to Mike Johnson from, WWE has been interested in Devitt for a while. It’s also been reported that William Regal showed a tape of Pac (Adrian Neville in NXT) wrestling against Devitt to HHH and said that they could be the future of the company. They ended up signing Pac from that as Devitt went to New Japan. Although there hasn’t been a deal made or anything, the WWE remains interested.

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AJ Styles to Meet with TNA Officials This Week

According to Dave Scherer of, AJ and TNA will try to work out a deal. The main holdup is money and with TNA restructuring their company, it seems like AJ will have to take a pay cut in order to remain in TNA.

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Kayfabe Commentaries Announces Upcoming New Release in the “Breaking Kayfabe” Series.

The new installment, which features Marty Jannetty, will be released on October 15th.