Samoa Joe vs Necro Butcher

Scott, have you ever seen/rated this match?

Basically ten minutes of Joe wiping the floor with Butcher, inventing such moves as the Forehead Powerslam and the Fuck You You're Going Over, and other stuff that would make Brock Lesnar cringe. Also a guest commentator who went on to a have decent little career in WWE.

This could honestly range from five stars to negative five stars depending on the reviewer, so would be interesting to get your take.

Never seen the match, no.  Aside from powerslamming the dude on his FOREHEAD, there wasn't much to it for my liking.  Necro Butcher is the guy with one of the biggest disconnects between most awesome wrestling name and worst look I've ever seen.  You hear the guy's name and you're picturing something like Bane or 1992 Vader and you get this dude out of Duck Dynasty instead.  It's really weird.