QOTD – August 22nd, 2013

Greetings, sneakypetes.

Today’s question was inspired by a post I saw the other day regarding things we dug as kids.

What’s something you absolutely loved as a kid, and forced your parents to watch/read it as many times as you did, and now you feel really bad about it because viewing it without the kid’s gloves is one hell of a painful experience.

As a kid, I loved all things martial arts. So, I feel very bad about forcing my mom to take me to see Sidekicks opening night, as well as 3 Ninjas, and then 2 other viewings in theater, not to mention at least 30 or so when I got the VHS, and then Power Rangers. I mean, I even had the Green Ranger’s karate instructional tape. Man, my parents were saints, because all of that shit is TERRIBLE. Although, the stoners in 3 Ninjas are damn entertaining and should have been featured a lot more in the original film.

How say you?

Just updated scrublife.wordpress.com with reviews for The Wolverine & Kick-Ass 2.