DDP Segment on HBO’s Real Sports

Howdy BoD’ers!

I got a chance to watch last night’s HBO Real Sports and catch the segment on DDP helping out Jake Roberts and Scott Hal with DDP Yoga. I just wanted to run down some of the key points of the segment that ran around 8-10 minutes.

— The opening sees DDP, Roberts and Hall sitting in recliners watching old footage of themselves.

— Roberts said he begged to die. As he saw his friends in the business dying he wondered why he couldn’t have been him. Roberts was raised by an alcoholic and sexually abused as a child. He broke down pretty quickly. He told Frank Deford (the guy doing the story) is that he was afraid “[Frank] was going to hurt him.” He was never able to explain why he felt that way. Or he did and it was cut.

— DDP says that Jake gave him the knowledge when no one else believed in him. Jake says he taught DDP wrestling psychology and how to read a crowd.

— DDP took up Yoga when he had a serious back injury that wasn’t improving. He mixed it in with his rehab and added old school calisthenics. Out of that he created DDP Yoga, which he describes as “non-peaceful Yoga”. He holds free classes at his home to his neighbors and over a dozen people come by daily.

— Page traveled to see Roberts and said he looked so brittle. DDP asked him to drop 20 pounds and he would move him to Atlanta. Roberts has now lost 60 pounds and Roberts does Yoga and other workouts daily.

— They chronicled Roberts’ set backs and the cameras catch DDP bitching Roberts out for getting drunk at an airport bar. He had another set back but he’s been clean for about 4-5 months now. Roberts says he wakes up excited and he’s staying at the “Accountability Crib” a.k.a. DDP’s Atlanta home for the foreseeable future. Roberts says that Page “ain’t getting rid of him.”

— They play the tape of DDP calling Scott Hall and Hall said he doesn’t remember the phone call because he was drunk out of his mind. Hall has taken 12 trips to rehab. Pills and booze became his routine because his life was falling apart. He said that Razor Ramon was living well but Hall was dying. When Hall arrived in Atlanta he describes himself as “Elvis before he went to die on the toilet.”

— Hall has lost 50 pounds and spends much of his non-Yoga time with his son Cody, who is trying to break in the business. He says he’s got a new lease on life. He moved out of the Accountability crib but according to his podcast with Steve Austin, he lives about a block or two away and spends most of his spare time there.

— DDP says Jake should have died 10-12 times but today he’s a different guy. Same with Hall. DDP knows there are no guarantees and both Roberts and Hall have been through too much to say their demons are gone for good. Roberts is deathly afraid of the mention of overcoming is demons but the segment closes with the three men, happy and growing old in health together.

— Deford discloses that DDP has sold over 50,000 copies of his $100 Yoga program, making for a nice little chunk of change.

My thoughts are simple: DDP is a hell of a guy. I’m convinced there are a lot of good characters in wrestling and few good men but he seems to be the real deal. Roberts and Hall look a billion times better than where we saw them at their lowest point. It was very nice and uplifting piece that would make you like DDP even more than you already do.