QOTD – August 20th, 2013

Greetings, buckaroos.

The topic from yesterday gave me the idea for today’s question…

What’s the most embarrassing situation you’ve been in, or bore witness to?

For me, it dates back almost 10 years ago. In my group of friends, as there is with all, there was one who was a complete asshole. The one who always got too drunk, who always talked too much shit, who always made the wrong choice at the wrong time, we’ll call him Max. Well, one of my friends, who we’ll call Steve, had his own place and had finally grown tired of my other friend and his anticts, so he was banned from there.
   After about 3 months, the New Year was coming and my friend was planning a large box social at his place. Feeling the warmth of the season, against his best judgement, he removed the guy’s ban, and he was allowed at the party. One thing you should know about Steve, he’s always had a thing for Asian women. Well, this particular evening he had a date with him, who of course was Asian.
   As the night moves along, Max was his typical idiot self and drank far more than he should have. So, at one point, about 10 minutes before it’s midnight, in the middle of the ENTIRE party, Max says to Steve “Dude, Steve, where’s all your Asian porn?! I know you’ve got a TON of Asian porn, cause you got the Fever!”. He then looked to Steve’s date, the Asian woman and said “He’s digging you cause yer’ Asian, which is cool cause yer’ hot!”.
   Man, my friend Steve showed more restraint than anyone I’ve ever seen, as he should have absolutely fucking KILLED, Max. No questions asked. Instead he told him to get the fuck out. Of course, the girl and my friend Steve never went out again, as she broke up him. My friend Max said that Steve was being a touchy bitch and should have just got over it.

Steve later told me it’s the angriest & most embarrassed he’s ever been. The reason he didn’t beat the hell out of Max was because the girl Steve was with had an abusive father, and detested violence. To this day I’ve never been witness to a more embarrassing situation. I wasn’t even the target of the whole thing, and I was embarrassed.

How say you?

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