SummerSlam question

Got a question for the blog here from one of my favorites, Stuart Chartock.

1) What do you think the “Summerslam” buy-rate will be? ( History: )

2) Are you more looking forward to Cena/Bryan or Punk/Brock?

3) Do you expect either of those matches to hit, say, four-and-a-half stars or better?

4) Completely subjectively, which of those two matches do you think will be more responsible for the buy-rate? As in, which match do you think the majority of the audience is most looking forward to?

1. Meh, I think it’ll be the same. Perhaps a 5% increase.

2. Cena vs Bryan. Cena is amongst some top company. He’s one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and I refuse to hear otherwise. He always delivers. His match with Bryan is going to have the crowd on fire, and should be on the level of Cena/Punk from MiTB, on both a drama & workrate scale.

3. I fully expect Cena/Bryan to be 5 stars. As for Punk v Lesnar, yeah, about the same. Punk is a brilliant guy in the ring, and I think he’ll workout something very special with Brock.

4. I say Cena vs Bryan. Because everyone is rooting for Bryan. It’s as organic a rise to the top as Punk’s was. People really want to see this guy win. I can’t wait.