QOTD – August 14th, 2013


Today’s question is one of my own.

What’s a trend that you got caught up in that you now look back on and think “WTF” ? Could be when you were younger, or 2 weeks ago. Whenever. And the fad could be pertaining to anything. Music, movies, fashion, TV, stupid Livestrong bracelets.

For me, it was when I was 13. This was the peak of me being obsessed with hip-hop and LA culture. I wore only JNCO jeans. Do you guys remember those? For those that don’t, they were expensive jeans [$60-90 a pair] that were extremely baggy. Most pants have an opening of 14 or 15 inches, I believe. But JNCO were often 25-30. I use to have to safety pin them to the back of my shoes so they wouldn’t drag. I loved’em at the time, and they were insanely popular at my school, but of course looking back. Yikes.

How say you?