Desert Island: Wrestling

Waylon Mercy has a question for the blog, involving an internet favorite, Top 5’s…

If you were going away somewhere and had to pick the Oeuvre of 5 wrestlers total (Oeuvre means the works of a painter, composer, or author regarded collectively: “the complete oeuvre of Mozart”.)

Which 5 wrestlers do you take?

You can take every match they had, every promo or angle leading up to their matches but it’s only those 5 wrestler’s career. Nothing else.

Thank you. I look forward to your answer.

Pretty interesting question. I’d have to go with….

1. Chris Jericho – He’s my all time favorite, so it goes without saying. You’d have such a massive archive of promos, angles, & matches that I honestly feel you could be infinitely entertained on the island with just his career. Plus I’m sure I could work out a deal where I could also get his flashy Lite-Brite jacket, and the islander chicks would love it. 
2. Mick Foley – I could basically give the same answer for him as I did Jericho. Plus it’d be a refreshing change from your typical wrestling to watch some of his stuff from Japan. 
3. Ric Flair – I think that’s a pretty obvious one. Plus, I could use his lines to pick up the aforementioned island chicks. “I got 25 women over there in my Coconut-Bamboo Limo and they’re all DYIN’ for me to go Whoooo!”
4. Hulk Hogan – I need to make sure I get the nWo stuff, and with Hogan that also means I get his red & yellow WCW days, which are always great for entertainment. Who wants to live on an island where you don’t have access to Darkside Hogan, which in turn brings Darkside Macho and his sword? I don’t. 
5. Macho Man – Duh. Also, I don’t know if anyone listens to Chris Hardwick’s podcast, The Nerdist, but you should. There’s one episode in particular, when he has Joe Manganiello as a guest. Joe loves pro-wrestling, and is impeccable at impressions. He gives what is hands down the greatest Macho Man impression anyone has ever heard. It’s incredible. He also does a mean Jesse Ventura. It would serve you well to check it out.

Oh, and after you’ve been on the island for a while you discover on the other side there’s a Beach Boys concert going on.