The Summerslam Finish

OK, so the obvious finish that we're all expecting to happen tomorrow is Bryan finding a way to beat Cena after one hell of a war, then Orton cashes in and gets the belt off of him, so that Bryan chases Orton through the fall.

But we also know that Vince hates for people to know the finish in advance, which is why we get crap like the Wrestlemania 2000 finish, or the switch in the Hardy/Edge Rumble match whenever that was…

So what do we get? Perhaps Kane stops Orton's cash-in and throws a wrinkle in the plans for the fall…any thoughts?

Summerslam is next week, not tomorrow, would be my first thought.
The obvious finish is the obvious one for a reason, as I've noted before.  They've been sticking to their story for weeks now and they'll finish it up so they can apparently move onto the HHH v. Vince storyline for Wrestlemania that everyone is totally waiting for.