D Bryan = Rock 98?

Any chance or interest Summerslam is setting up something akin to The Rock at 98s Survivor Series. They turned a top face into the top heel, making him all the hotter, before just turning him face a few months later.


Totally different dynamic.  Rock was a mid-level heel who got his first elevation into top guy via the Summerslam ladder match and was both turned babyface and pushed up the card organically by fan reactions.  Or at least as organically as it was gonna get given they wanted to make him into a big star from day one.  But really that was kind of the genius of the whole thing, because they WANTED people to think that he was an underdog getting the rocket push due to fans' demanding it, which was what they were shooting for in the first place with the initial push that flopped so badly.  You also have to remember that Rock wasn't winning big matches as IC champion, basically just losing by DQ to Shamrock all the time and cheating his way out of situations. 
By contrast, Bryan is clearly a top guy now.  Even if he doesn't win the belt, he's tapped out top guys and beat a ton of people clean as a sheet on TV, and he's now portrayed as on the same level as the Cena/Punk/Orton triumvirate.  Vince doesn't take the time to personally fuck with midcarders on TV.  With Rock, that heel turn was the means to make him the top guy.  With Bryan, it's already done and all it would do is water down his character again.  Plus his character has been clearly established as the "everyman" on that shitty Divas show, so that's obviously the cards they're going to be playing in this role.  Not to say he won't turn heel again in the future, but they desperately want another top level babyface and Bryan looks like he's gonna be that guy.