Just a quick hello from Cucch. I know I have not had much to post here over the last week, but rest assured, for the dozens (if I am lucky) who enjoy my ramblings, I shall return shortly, as I am reading Tim Hornbaker’s excellent write-up on the history of the NWA.

That said, in decompressing from reading these books, I have been watching a metric shit-ton of 24 Season’s. I was completely turned off of 24 by Season 7, but people have been imploring me to explore Season 8. Also, for those that have DirecTV, the Audience Network plays four hour blocks of the show, with very little commercial interruption, every Tuesday night at 8pm, eastern. (Replayed Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.) Audience is currently up to Season (Day) 6, and it has been pretty enjoyable thus far.

So my question is this, off the beaten path of wrestling, what do you, the Bloggers of Doom, feel is the best season of 24. The season most representative of the spirit, the character, of the show. I ranked them on my page, and excuse me if I feel the need to shamelessly plug my own site:


For years, I considered either Day 2 or Day 3 as the best. Yet, as I watched the episodes back many years later, one Day really stood out: Day 5. President Charles Logan as the main heel. I rank it as numero uno. What thinks the fine folks here? Just some fodder for an otherwise benign Saturday night.