WWE Main Event (TV Show) Question

I was looking at the results for the past few WWE Main Event shows and had a question that has been bugging me.  Why has that show not turned into Superstars?  Is it part of the contract with ionTV that they have to show main roster talent or is it WWE's say?  I ask this because I remember when they brought back Superstars on WGN it had main roster talent for a bit then it became the jobber show.  It seems to go that way with every WWE show that is not Smackdown or Raw. 

On that note since NBC is paying them a lot of money could they dictate that John Cena & CM Punk be on Smackdown or is the SyFy channel paying for a B-show.


'm pretty sure that I heard ION was indeed dictating that the show be higher level matches than Superstars based on promises when they signed the TV deal.  Not sure about Syfy's involvement with the product on the Smackdown side, although they certainly seem to care a lot less now than they did during the ECW days when they'd freely meddle all the time.