Discussion Question for Blog

Hey Scott, thought this might make for a good thread on the blog.
It seems like popular opinion is that Shawn Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania, seeing as he's had some of the greatest matches of all time at Mania over the years. With Summerslam coming up, it got me thinking about who is Mr. Summerslam? My vote goes for Bret Hart. He's had two of the greatest matches of all time (91 vs. Perfect and 92 vs. Bulldog) and a slew of other good/great matches either in singles or tag. The Brainbusters match in 89 and the cage match with Owen in 94 are personal favorites. Who gets your vote for Mr. Summerslam? (Or in Bret's case, Mr. The Summerslam)

Probably Hogan, because headlined the first four and then drew two of the bigger Summerslam buyrates for his comeback matches against Michaels and Orton.  But it's not like there's really definitive Summerslam moments or anything to warrant that kind of a title.  For me personally I haven't even watched a Summerslam since, what, 2008?  2007?  I watched parts of last year's show but that's about it.  Usually my post-Wrestlemania interest in the product is waning by then and it doesn't tend to be a very important show, often overshadowed by Money In The Bank these days.  That being said, I'm sure I'll watch this year on the promise of two ****+ matches on top.